The process for getting a POI certified by Common.SECC is in outline as follows:

  1. The vendor registers with Common.SECC its intention to apply for a Common.SECC certificate.
  2. The vendor selects an eligible CC evaluator (laboratory), prepares appropriate documentation including a Security Target document, and requests a CC evaluation.
  3. The evaluator performs the CC evaluation and prepares an ETR and associated documentation.
  4. The Common.SECC CCB assesses the formal conformity and the contents of the ETR and associated vendor and laboratory documentation.
  5. If the results of assessment are positive, the CCB publishes a Common.SECC Certificate together with a ‘light’ version of the Security Target on the Common.SECC web site.
  6. The vendor can use the Common.SECC certificate to apply to one or more approval bodies (currently GBIC and UKF) for approval to sell the product in their market. The approval is granted according to the individual approval rules of the schemes.


We hereby ask Common.SECC

Common Security Evaluation & Certification Consortium Coordinator
Regine Quentmeier
SRC GmbH, Emil-Nolde-Str. 7, D-53113

Common Security Evaluation & Certification Consortium Secretariat
Bill Reding
UK Finance, 1 Angel Court, London, EC2R 7HJ

Acting as the Security Certification Body of the German Banking Industry Committee (GBIC) and UK Finance – for registration of the details below in preparation of the intended POI security certification and terminal type approval in both markets: