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Verifone M400

Verifone Ltd

Certified: 2nd August 2017 / Reassessment By: 2nd August 2020 / Certified Until: 2nd August 2023

Hardware Identification H405-07-x0-xx0-00-B0
Firmware Version Vault: 5.x.x, AppM: 10.x.x, VFSRED: 5.x.x, VFOP: 1.x.x

Verifone e285

Verifone Ltd

Certified: 11th September 2017 / Reassessment By: 11th September 2020 / Certified Until: 11th September 2023

Hardware Identification H445-07-30-0xx-00-B0 (BT/WiFi), H445-07-34-0xx-00-B0 (2G/BT/WiFi), H445-07-38-0xx-00-B0 (3G/BT/WiFi)
Firmware Version Vault: 6.x.x, AppM: 10.x.x, VFSRED: 7.x.x, VFOP: 1.x.x
Hardware Identification H445-07-34-0xx-00-B0 (2G/BT/WiFi), H445-07-38-0xx-00-B0 (3G/BT/WiFi)
Firmware Version Vault: 7.x.x, AppM: 11.x.x, VFSRED: 7.x.x, VFOP: 1.x.x

Verifone V200t – V205c

Verifone Ltd

Certified: 10th October 2017 / Reassessment By: 10th October 2020 / Certified Until: 10th October 2023

Hardware Identification H470-07-03-xxx-x0-B0 (V205c), H470-07-07-xxx-x0-B0 (V200t2G) H470-07-0B-xxx-x0-B0 (V200t3G), H470-07-3B-xxx-x1-B0 (V200t 3GPlus)
Firmware Version Vault: 6.x.x, AppM: 10.x.x, VFSRED: 7.x.x.x, VFOP: 1.x.x.

First Data Clover Flex C400 (incorporating C401E)

First Data

Certified: 19th November 2018 / Reassessment By: 19th November 2021 / Certified Until: 19th November 2024

Hardware Identification 01.xx
Firmware Version 01.xx.xxxx01.xx.xxxx (01.xxxx) (with and without SRED)
Hardware Identification 03.xx
Firmware Version 02.xx.xxxx 02.xx.xxxx (01.xxxxx) (with and without SRED)

Ingenico iUP250 with iUR250

Ingenico UK Ltd

Certified: 20th October 2017 / Reassessment By: 20th October 2020 / Certified Until: 20th October 2023

Hardware Identification iUP2xx-YYTxxxxx, iUR2xx-YYTxxxxx
Firmware Version 820305v12.xx (iUP250LE), 820514v02.xx (iUR250)

Ingenico RoamData Moby8500

Ingenico UK Ltd

Certified: 7th December 2017 / Reassessment By: 7th December 2020 / Certified Until: 7th December 2023

Hardware Identification MOB85xAx T8F5xx-xxxxxx
Firmware Version xxxx-F-70x-01xx-xxxx-xx
Hardware Identification MOB85xBx T8F5xx-xxxxxx
Firmware Version xxxx-F-70x-02xx-xxxx-xx

Verifone Carbon 8 and Carbon 10 (X10)

Verifone Ltd

Certified: 23rd August 2018 / Reassessment By: 23rd August 2021 / Certified Until: 23rd August 2024

Hardware Identification SUB179-xx1-01-A, SUB179-xx1-02-A, SUB179-xx2-02-A
Firmware Version Vault: 7.x.x, 8.x.x; AppM: 11.x.x, 12.x.x; SRED: 7.x.x, 9.x.x; Open Protocol: 1.x.x



Certified: 10th January 2018 / Reassessment By: 10th January 2021 / Certified Until: 10th January 2024

Hardware Identification Q30-xxx-0x5-0xxx, Q30-xxx-Rx5-0xxx
Firmware Version 15.00.xx xxxx

BBPOS WisePad2


Certified: 16th January 2018 / Reassessment By: 16th January 2021 / Certified Until: 16th January 2024

Hardware Identification WPX2XXXX-XX-XXX
Firmware Version WPX20.003-13

BBPOS WisePad2 Plus


Certified: 8th February 2018 / Reassessment By: 8th February 2021 / Certified Until: 8th February 2024

Hardware Identification WPP2XXXX-XX-XXX
Firmware Version WPP20.003-21