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Verifone M400

Verifone Ltd

Certified: 2nd August 2017 / Reassessment By: 2nd August 2020 / Certified Until: 2nd August 2023

Hardware Identification H405-07-x0-xx0-00-B0
Firmware Version Vault: 5.x.x, AppM: 10.x.x, VFSRED: 5.x.x, VFOP: 1.x.x

Verifone e285

Verifone Ltd

Certified: 11th September 2017 / Reassessment By: 11th September 2020 / Certified Until: 11th September 2023

Hardware Identification H445-07-30-0xx-00-B0 (BT/WiFi), H445-07-34-0xx-00-B0 (2G/BT/WiFi), H445-07-38-0xx-00-B0 (3G/BT/WiFi)
Firmware Version Vault: 6.x.x, AppM: 10.x.x, VFSRED: 7.x.x, VFOP: 1.x.x
Hardware Identification H445-07-34-0xx-00-B0 (2G/BT/WiFi), H445-07-38-0xx-00-B0 (3G/BT/WiFi)
Firmware Version Vault: 7.x.x, AppM: 11.x.x, VFSRED: 7.x.x, VFOP: 1.x.x

Verifone V200t – V205c

Verifone Ltd

Certified: 10th October 2017 / Reassessment By: 10th October 2020 / Certified Until: 10th October 2023

Hardware Identification H470-07-03-xxx-x0-B0 (V205c), H470-07-07-xxx-x0-B0 (V200t2G) H470-07-0B-xxx-x0-B0 (V200t3G), H470-07-3B-xxx-x1-B0 (V200t 3GPlus)
Firmware Version Vault: 6.x.x, AppM: 10.x.x, VFSRED: 7.x.x.x, VFOP: 1.x.x.

Clover Flex C400

First Data

Certified: 17th October 2017 / Reassessment By: 17th October 2020 / Certified Until: 17th October 2023

Hardware Identification HW 01.xx
Firmware Version 01.xx.xxxx01.xx.xxxx (01.xxxx) (with and without SRED)

Ingenico iUP250 with iUR250

Ingenico UK Ltd

Certified: 20th October 2017 / Reassessment By: 20th October 2020 / Certified Until: 20th October 2023

Hardware Identification iUP2xx-YYTxxxxx, iUR2xx-YYTxxxxx
Firmware Version 820305v12.xx (iUP250LE), 820514v02.xx (iUR250)

Ingenico RoamData Moby8500

Ingenico UK Ltd

Certified: 7th December 2017 / Reassessment By: 7th December 2020 / Certified Until: 7th December 2023

Hardware Identification MOB85xAx T8F5xx-xxxxxx
Firmware Version xxxx-F-70x-01xx-xxxx-xx
Hardware Identification MOB85xBx T8F5xx-xxxxxx
Firmware Version xxxx-F-70x-02xx-xxxx-xx

Verifone Carbon 8 and Carbon 10 (X10)

Verifone Ltd

Certified: 23rd August 2018 / Reassessment By: 23rd August 2021 / Certified Until: 23rd August 2024

Hardware Identification SUB179-xx1-01-A, SUB179-xx1-02-A, SUB179-xx2-02-A
Firmware Version Vault: 7.x.x, 8.x.x; AppM: 11.x.x, 12.x.x; SRED: 7.x.x, 9.x.x; Open Protocol: 1.x.x



Certified: 10th January 2018 / Reassessment By: 10th January 2021 / Certified Until: 10th January 2024

Hardware Identification Q30-xxx-0x5-0xxx, Q30-xxx-Rx5-0xxx
Firmware Version 15.00.xx xxxx

BBPOS WisePad2


Certified: 16th January 2018 / Reassessment By: 16th January 2021 / Certified Until: 16th January 2024

Hardware Identification WPX2XXXX-XX-XXX
Firmware Version WPX20.003-13

BBPOS WisePad2 Plus


Certified: 8th February 2018 / Reassessment By: 8th February 2021 / Certified Until: 8th February 2024

Hardware Identification WPP2XXXX-XX-XXX
Firmware Version WPP20.003-21